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What We Do

On Saturdays (Sabbaths)

This is the special day of the week that we would love you to join us!

At 10.00am, we have various Bible based classes:

Our Happy Hearts program is excellent for families with children under 5 years old. Here the children will engage in singing praises and worship, listen to Bible stories, and creating their arts and crafts masterpieces. To top it up, they will also enjoy healthy morning tea together.

For children above 5 years old, we also have Bible study classes for different level of Bible understanding with songs of praise and exciting activities.

For adults, we run various classes. We cater for those new to the Bible, those with some Bible knowledge and those who would like to have more in depth study.


At 11.30am, we will all join together in worship of praises, prayer and study from God’s Word.

Our worship service finishes around 12.45pm, followed by potluck fellowship lunch where we will enjoy healthy vegetarian international food. All visitors are most welcome!

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C.A.R.E. Groups

On Saturday evening (fortnightly), we have some C.A.R.E. Groups in homes around Melbourne. In these smaller groups, we share meals together, sing praises, study Bible together and pray for each other.

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Health & Family Programs

As we believe in holistic health and wellbeing of our body, we also run health talks/ seminars, health retreat, depression and anxiety recovery program, cooking classes, family sports day, Christian parenting, nature walk and family social outings. Please check our Upcoming Events to stay tune on our next health and family programs.

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What are you waiting for? Come and join us this Saturday!